First Step: The Question.

The Question.

Well it is true, it's not so much as sticking pencils in my afro but it's more like a magnet that attracts everything possible due to an immense amount of epicness contained within it. Sometimes I like to eat cereal. True story. However, these are just a small amount of my amazing achievements and Chuck Norris himself can testify that I am one of the few beings that are more gracious than him when it comes to speaking in Russian. I am also proud to be friends with the one and only Old Spice man who was kind enough to share some of his deep dark secrets on being majestic. Being the kind person that I am, I will share these deep dark secrets with you. Now the test begins! 

First off he asked me this, "What colour is an orange: true or false?" and immediately I knew that my fate was going to be intertwined with my answer. So viewers now you're fate is being decided, tell us your answer and you may be just one step closer to being awesome like me. 

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The actual question is: What color is an orange . . . when it's at home? Have you ever heard the song, "Pencils In My Afro" by the Flaming Rabbits? Great tune.

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